5 facts about the new anti-aging wonder

For decades the most widely known commodity coming from the Amazon rainforest south from Colombia was … cocaine. Well now, the Amazon can finally boast another – healthier – booming addiction…to a protein-rich nut: Cacay.

Cacay: the new anti-aging wonder

Facial oils alone generate a $100 million revenue share within the skincare industry. Today the choice of plant-based facial oils in the market is enormous and one gets the feeling there’s a new “It” facial elixir every week, with even more benefits than the previous one. Fruits and nuts such as grape, almond, avocado and coconut are pressed to produce liquid oils with great skin benefits. Cacay (pronounced “kahk-ai”) is the latest anti-aging break-through discovery. In the Amazon alone the sales of the precious nut have increased in the last few months by 9000% (!).

5 facts about the new anti-aging wonder

  1. Cacay oil is a 100% natural product.
  2. The cacay nut can be found in regions of Colombia, Ecuador, Peru and Venezuela. Before the cosmetic industry discovered cacay, the nut was picked from wild trees and used by indigenous people to treat wounds and scars but also served to feed livestock.
  3. In the United States where there’s often an obsession when it comes to hip beauty and youth-preserving products, the cacay oil trend started slightly earlier than in Europe. In the States, cacay oil is already among the trendiest bestsellers and the price has skyrocketed to $200 for as little as 30 grams.
  4. Why are we learning about cacay only now?
    1. Apart from indigenous people, scientists have also known the beneficial qualities of cacay for several years now, but it was market researcher Alberto Jaramillo who first brought more attention to the nut’s properties. He visited trade fairs and saw a market for the revolutionary skin product. He founded the company Kahai SAS in Bogota for the industrialization of cacay oil and gave a presentation of a scientific study about the product’s benefits. The sensation in the beauty industry caused by celebrities using argan oil has recently paved the way for other plant-based facial oils to succeed in becoming a must product.
    2. What does cacay oil contain?
      1. Cacay oil contains contains 50% more vitamin E and twice the amount of Linoleic Acid than argan oil. Vitamin E is a vitamin that protects cells against harmful free radicals (caused by stress, smoking and sun) and has become a mainstream ingredient for the cosmetic industry. Linoleic acid is a powerhouse ingredient used in products for the treatment of acne, psoriasis and hyper-pigmentation; it reduces inflammation and aids the skin to produce new cells and strengthen its natural barrier. Last but not least, cacay oil contains a high concentration ofVitamin A(app. 1%), three times more than the amount in wild rose oil, for example.
      2. Not convinced by the promised benefits yet? Maybe this positive side-effect might do: cacay trees grow up to 40 meters high and used to be a lucrative business for loggers who would cut them down. The oil’s surging popularity has brought even more awareness about preserving the precious trees of the rainforest. Who knows, perhaps cacay oil will really become the first beauty product to actually earn the title “powerhouse” in every meaning of the word, both cosmetic and ecological and save the endangered Amazon jungle. At least a little part of it.
        Cacay-Ă–l Modepilot
        100% natural ingredients: cacay oil by Ooh! – Oils of Heaven
        I’m currently trying out the cacay oil by Ooh! (around 50 euro), which is unfortunately until now available only through the producing brand Oils of Heaven and natural skincare e-tailer LoveLula (with free international shipping). If you want to learn more about the product before purchasing it, stay tuned for my review. My first impression so far is a light nutty smell, fast absorption into the skin and beautiful moisture.
        Translation by Maria Giannakopoulou
        Photo Credit: Pr, Catwalkpictures