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Gewinnspiel: Das Peter Lindbergh-Paket

Zur Ausstellung „From fashion to reality“ in der Kunsthalle München verlosen wir den begleitenden Bildband, das T-Shirt, sowie ein Swarovski-Armband.

He said, she said – what men think about these dresses

What men think about off shoulder dresses: We asked our male friends about our favorite dresses. Look what they have answered!

Why we love to hate

We follow strange people on Instagram just to feel better about ourselves. That’s the truth, isn’t it?

Summer things, you do (not) need to buy

Wait! Not every trend is worth buying it. Never. We tell yoh why – summer stuff you need to to buy.

Summer trend: Statement Sleeves

This summer 2016 trend is big. Literally: gigot sleeves, puffy sleeves, oversized ruffles … The maxi-sleeve is in its prime time this season.

7 phrases only fashion addicts get

You might not get them. But if you work in fashion you properbly do: 7 phrases only fashion addicts get.

Summer 2016 Color Trends

This season, fashion appears more reconciled with the colors of our childhood – unpopular until recently – and for that we have to thank Alessandro Michele.

Why we should look chic more often

Why we should look chic more often. There are good reasons and easy helpers. Have a look!

One-piece wonder: the Aquazzura pump

They fit with everything: pedal pusher jeans by Closed, Altuzarra dress, Balmain leather pants and cashmere in Camel: the one-piece wonder by Aquazzura.

Fashion experts on Summer 2016 trends

Fashion experts on summer 2016 trends – we asked Editor-in-Chiefs and Fashion Directors of the biggest fashion magazines. Enjoy!

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